Wolverine Mechanical Toys

And The Story Of The Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co.

Founded at the turn of the 20th Century as a maker of household items such as the “Wolverine Pie Lifter” and “Little Giant Fruit Jar Opener,” the Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co. is best known for its mechanical toys that it introduced a short time later.


With their line of kinetic toys such as “Sandy Andy,” Wolverine’s engineering and manufacturing ingenuity distanced them from their more well-known rivals Louis Marx, J. Chein, and Ohio Art.  Much sought after by toy collectors, their products are widely recognized as classics and continue to amaze to this day.

Exhaustively researched and lovingly documented by Terry Mowrey, a mechanical engineer by training and historian by heart, Wolverine Mechanical Toys is a must-have book for anyone interested in the history of these mechanical wonders, as well as those looking for a complete value and price guide.